Lepidoptera: The “Painted Lady” Butterfly

It has been almost a year since my last post. Time flies. We are now back in BC, and very much enjoying it! Life has been busy, settling in to our new place, but now I feel I have some time to devote to this blog. My Lepidoptera series remains a work in progress…

The Painted Lady butterfly, or Vanessa cardui is one of the most wide-spread butterflies in the world, found on every continent except for Antarctica and South America. Indeed, the Painted Lady butterfly is so common, that many preschool and elementary classrooms to demonstrate the life-cycle of a butterfly. Naturally, this is one reason they are so popular amongst children. In fact, the painting pictured above was inspired by my son’s science project. The butterfly in the painting is actually an American Painted Lady, or Vanessa virginiensis.  I quite prefer the pink on the undersides of its wings to that of the orange found on the Vanessa cardui. I have been playing with texture and color, gloss and matte. Below is another painting in my Lepidoptera series, “Scarlet Migration”. The background wasn’t meant to turn out the way it did, but I think the painting evolved into exactly what it was meant to be.

Now that we are all settled in the new city, my next task is to join an art club, and find a new place to display and show my art…wish me luck!