The Gerbera Challenge is Complete!

Joline's Daisy

Joline’s Daisy

The Gerbera challenge is over, the paint is drying, and I’m feeling pretty good about how it turned out. The center took some imaginative brush strokes, and 5 layers of paint. I thoroughly enjoyed painting the bright crimson petals…. that said I will probably paint a few more Gerbera’s in pink, white and yellow. I am stoked to barter this red one for my friends’ wonderful knitting… Now on to a funky orchid for my portfolio!

The Gerbera Challenge Phase 2

So here is my Gerbera Daisy Phase 2. It never ceases to amaze me just how many paint layers it takes to express a certain idea. The above close ups show my attempt at creating the fuzzy, busy texture of the middle of a Gerbera, and to do it to my satisfaction, it took at least 5 layers of paint. I think once the painting is done in its entirety, the middle will make more sense (or at least I hope! Lol). Can’t wait to start on those petals!