Fun with a Kaleidoscope App

When I first saw Damien Hirst’s and Lori Precious’s butterfly art, I was both incredibly inspired and saddened by it, the gorgeous, vibrant iridescent hues that one would only see in the natural world if you happened to be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a butterfly fluttering by. But I could never justify killing so many beautiful butterflies for the sake of my own art. Apparently, Damien used about 9000 butterflies for one piece! I got to thinking how I could try to come close to achieving a similar effect using just oils. Gazing at his beautiful pieces made me think of kaleidoscopes. I didn’t have a real kaleidoscope lying around – you know, those colorful cylinders that would turn any image into a riot of pattern and color…. So I reached for the next best thing – an app! There were a few available on the Apple app website, and I chose one aptly called “kaleidoscope” which turns your iPhone camera into one, and you can snap pictures of whatever you aim it at. I figured the next best things to butterflies are flowers, so I snapped a few in my backyard. That was the easy part. For me the real challenge will be sketching out the perfect, repeating geometric patterns, and painting in my beautiful blooms. No, it’s not going to be a beautiful piece of iridescent butterfly art, but I will sleep well knowing no creatures were harmed in my creative process! Wish me luck!

Fun with a “Percolator”

I had all intentions to start working on my “Three Sisters” painting yesterday, when I happened upon this cool little app called the “Percolator”. So easy and fun to use, just upload a picture, and it “brews” the picture for you, grinding the virtual beans, and serving up a little cup of fun. While I’m not a fan of photo effects apps, this one is different. It has many different options and effects, and the result is truly something unique, fun, and even pretty. It gave my flower photos a very funky look to them, and has inspired me to try to paint a similar effect into my next orchid piece. Now the only thing left to do is figure out how to make the circular effects with real oils….a makeshift stamp perhaps? It will surely be fun to try!

What Should My Next Painting Be? Help Me Choose!

Well it’s a new day, and time for a new painting. While I will probably paint all of these eventually, the question is which to do first? The Three Sisters mountain range would be my first foray into landscapes. The Three Sisters has special meaning for me because I grew up in a family with three sisters, and that’s what we called ourselves growing up. Sadly we lost my eldest to cancer when she was only 32 years old.

Mt. Rundle is one of my favorite mountains in the Rockies. Everytime I drive past it I am reminded of happy camping trips to the mountains.

I’ve always loved green orchids, but can’t decide which pose to paint first!

So which one should I paint first?
….. I’m leaning towards the three sisters….

The Gerbera Challenge Phase 2

So here is my Gerbera Daisy Phase 2. It never ceases to amaze me just how many paint layers it takes to express a certain idea. The above close ups show my attempt at creating the fuzzy, busy texture of the middle of a Gerbera, and to do it to my satisfaction, it took at least 5 layers of paint. I think once the painting is done in its entirety, the middle will make more sense (or at least I hope! Lol). Can’t wait to start on those petals!