“Pensive” is complete!


Pensive is now complete. Acrylic on 3×3 foot canvas. I admit, I had to get used to the quicker drying time of the acrylic paints, even when mixed with slow-DRI. I love the ease of cleanup with acrylic paints, and at the end of the day, I like that the painting is dry so quickly. I named this painting “pensive”, because the orchid looks so thoughtful…if you could call a plant thoughtful! The final step is to varnish it, and it will be ready for the show.

“Pensive” Phase 1

Pensive phase 1

Pensive phase 1

Here is a picture of the first stage of my next painting. It is on 3×3 foot canvas, and is #2 in my Cymbidium Orchid series, the first of which was “Funky Orchid”. I will be using acrylics for this painting (thanks Sarah Jane). I obtained some Liquitex Slow-DRI Blending Gel, as suggested by Sarah, and it worked like a dream! I didn’t use the heavy matte gel, mostly because it had a warning label on it that said it “contains a known carcinogen”. The label doesn’t disclose what this ingredient is, and I’ll have to do more research to find out what it is, unless someone would like to comment and let me know. Regardless, the slow-DRI works like a dream, the paint has a nice blendability to it, and according to package directions, you can add as much or as little as you want without diluting the paint color too much, or affecting binding. It feels a little different from oils, a bit more slick, and fast, like painting with (pardon this comparison) KY jelly. Over all, the effects were similar, although I can see the brush strokes more than with oils, even when I’ve run the blending brush over it, but that may be the way I paint. I feel the more visible brush strokes will add to this painting anyway, so I am very happy with the way it turned out. I will definitely be using acrylics more in the future! Stay tuned for Phase 2.