Wish Phase 1

Wish phase 1

Wish phase 1

Well, as it turns out, even with all the playing and fiddling I’ve done over the last couple of months with acrylics, I just can’t get over my first love: oils. I’m an “Oilers” girl! Can’t help it! The smoothness and blendability fits in so well with the way I like to paint. I find the fast drying acrylics, even with flow retarder, a bit frustrating at times. But I do admire the beautiful work most acrylic artists achieve with that medium.

So here is my latest commission, for a beautiful little girl. It is just in Phase 1, so this is the background layer of the painting. I knew I had achieved the look I was after when my 3 year old daughter walked up to my easel and said, “Beautiful sky, Mommy, I love the clouds. It looks like my dream!” Children are very observant, and frank, they say! I was very happy with the lights and the darks, and the blending of colors I achieved today. My next step is to let that sit for a bit and then to paint on the next layer. My blending brushes, however will need replacing from so much use, so tomorrow, it’s off to Edmonton for some art supplies. So while that is drying, I will start my next painting: Pensive. It will be a gigantic orchid -my favorite. I’ll be posting about that one very soon!


2 thoughts on “Wish Phase 1

  1. Sarah Jane says:

    Have you tried matte heavy gel? That combined with slo-dry blending medium gives acrylic paint a very oil-like feel. I use it to build up large amounts of texture and capture the brush strokes

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