Phantom Flora

Phantom Flora

Phantom Flora
Oil on 30×36 inch canvas

I finished this piece today after spending the previous twenty-four hours flat on my back, obliterated by some kind of flu virus… that aside, this painting was inspired by old school photo negatives. When I was a child, I loved to look at the negatives of the pictures I took with my little Kodak camera as much as the photos themselves. I’d imagine this alternative “negaverse” where everything was backwards, light became dark and dark became light. To achieve this effect, I tried out a tube of Winton iridescent blue paint as my background. It is a tulip flower, but not the way most people paint them – all pert and cup-like. This particular tulip was nearing the end of its life expectancy, its petals spread out sadly, but gracefully, ruffled in its old age.

I am also celebrating today, as my paintings will soon be hanging in a popular cafe in town. Yay!


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