Favorite Paint Brush #1


I thought I’d do a few posts about my favorite brushes. Brushes are one of the most important tools in painting. Obviously, what you apply the paint with will affect the overall look of your work. The male artists reading my blog may cringe a bit here, but I liken it to finding just the right brush to apply makeup – the wrong brush, and you end up with a streaky mess all over your face! Lol.

For my floral macros, I like the background to have some semblance of light – softly filtering through what seems like a window, or the soft light of dawn lighting up the petals, or the ombré tones of twilight in a garden. I achieve this look behind my flowers with the wonderful blending brush I have pictured above. It has very soft bristles that soften the streaky look that oil paints can have when first applied. It is wide so on large canvases I can achieve a lot of blending in just one stroke. I usually apply the background paint with a bristly brush, blend the colors as best I can with that and then meld them together with this large flat brush. You barely have to touch the canvas with this brush, and just like applying make up, the secret here is to blend, blend, blend. Of course, if you purposely want a streaky look, this brush may not work for you, but for blending it is a dream. I am the queen of cheap, so I am going to disclose to you that I found this brush while on a shopping trip to Walmart for socks and undies for my kids! It was lying, forlorn, in a bargain bin, marked down from 9.99 to 99 cents. How could I resist? And it hasn’t shed – not one bristle – in three whole years, and this despite my rough handling. So far it has been a great buy, the best brush for blending, creating the exact effect I want, achieving what much higher priced, professional art brushes failed to do.


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