The Gerbera Challenge is Complete!

Joline's Daisy

Joline’s Daisy

The Gerbera challenge is over, the paint is drying, and I’m feeling pretty good about how it turned out. The center took some imaginative brush strokes, and 5 layers of paint. I thoroughly enjoyed painting the bright crimson petals…. that said I will probably paint a few more Gerbera’s in pink, white and yellow. I am stoked to barter this red one for my friends’ wonderful knitting… Now on to a funky orchid for my portfolio!


4 thoughts on “The Gerbera Challenge is Complete!

  1. Andrea says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! I love it

  2. rosclose says:

    I love the centre colours of the gerbera, they almost look like beads. How did you get this effect!

    • Hi! Thanks! It was a labour of love! I used three different brushes, a 3/4 inch angled bristle brush, a short bristle filbert, and a teeny little brush that I had previously trimmed the bristles on to make a soft but stiff point. I used the angled brush to paint on the under layer, which was a blend of different hues, and then used my small pointed brush, loaded with different colored paint, to paint on the flower’s stamens. I then used the filbert brush to paint in the little petals that form the perimeter of the center with light pink paint, waited for that to dry, and added the tiny petal’s dark centers. For texture and accent, I added some lighter color stamens sticking out into the larger red petals. It is hard to describe, but somehow it turned out the way I pictured it! All in all, it took at least 5 layers of paint!

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