The Gerbera Challenge Phase 1

The Thunder Rolls

The Thunder Rolls

The Gerbera Sketch

The Gerbera Sketch

The winning pose

The winning pose

Well, as quickly as the weather changes in Alberta, so do our weekend plans. Camping is now scrapped for putting in raised garden beds in the back yard, and general R&R. Took the opportunity to do my Gerbera sketch. I always find it hard to convey the feeling of my art without the colorful swooshes of paint I so love. At the moment, it looks to me like a glass half full, just waiting for the rainbow finish of paint.

Speaking of weather, check out the cloud formation above my house. What you can’t see (or hear) in the photo is the loud flock of waxwings that settled in the trees behind my house. The sound of their chirping is deafening, rivaled only by the sound of thunder rolling in, heralding the start of (well almost) summer on the Prairies.


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