Cheesy Organic Spelt Pancakes



So it’s the first day of Victoria Day long weekend! I’m sure everyone has some wonderful plans centered around camping, road trips and BBQ’s. We are setting up our travel trailer for the summer and going camping. It’s my husband’s turn to sleep in today so I’m on breakfast duty. Today I decided to make spelt pancakes, adding cheese for extra protein, and to stabilize blood sugars. (How can you tell that I’m a diabetes nurse educator by day?)

I’ve noticed that I presently have more food posts than art posts, but this will change as soon as I finish my shifts at work for the week, and I will have more time to paint.

Please enjoy the pancakes, and have a great weekend!

Cheesy Organic Spelt Pancakes

2 cups whole organic spelt flour

4 tsp baking powder

3 TB sugar

1 cup grated cheese (any kind, pick your favorite)

4 TB canola oil

2 eggs beaten

2 cups milk

Sift together dry ingredients with cheese. Add wet ingredients. mix until just combined. Drop 1/3 cup of the batter on the griddle to make pancakes.



3 thoughts on “Cheesy Organic Spelt Pancakes

  1. Aaron Baggio says:

    I’ve suddenly got an urge to make pancakes. Such a Canadian menu item!! Love it.

  2. Dave says:

    Fantastic!!! I ate four!

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