On bartering, acrylic and oils

My display at the Vermilion Art Show

My display at the Vermilion Art Show

My commission, and note my adorable assistant standing beside me!

My commission, and note my adorable assistant standing beside me!

Well, today marks the day of my very first post. It is my last day off for a few days, and then we have the May long weekend – Victoria Day here in Canada. It has been a busy few weeks, what with the Vermilion Art Show and Sale, and the children starting new extra curricular activities like outdoor soccer, and new sessions for swimming lessons.

The Art Show was a success for me. I wasn’t sure how my art would be received at a ‘live’ show, having only sold paintings off my old website. But I got generally positive reviews, and just packed and sent away one of my commissions from the show. (Pictures posted).

I am now working on a red Gerbera daisy (oil on 24×36 inch canvas) for a friend in Edmonton. We are actually bartering my painting services for her beautiful knitting. I love the concept of bartering, and I almost feel like we should be doing more of it in this modern day and age, where ‘plastic’ is the new currency. With bartering, ideally, everyone wins because everyone should come away from it with something of value. What are your thoughts on bartering?

When I first started painting I began with acrylics, as they are easy to work with and easy to clean – no truly poisonous chemicals to contend with. But I found that with their quick drying time, blending was a challenge, and even with flow retarder  and extenders, blending was hard to achieve – at least the way I wanted it to look. Does anyone have any suggestions for acrylic paint blending out there, other than working at super fast lightening speed? Lol.

So consequently, I moved to using oils – and never looked back, although cleaning brushes and the like is more tedious. I started off using solvents, but moved to using Murphy’s Oil soap after reading something about it on the net. Any thoughts on this? I have yet to try the water soluble oils I bought last week! I’d love to hear your opinions on this as well!

Anyway…I better fly, my daughter is clamoring to go outside and enjoy the wonderful Spring weather we finally have after 6.5 long months of winter!


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